Here at Leading Edge Renovation we are involved in many different projects.  We will do repairs to a full replacement on siding.  Many times as we progress through the project we find that simple items are missing that would have prevented the damages.  The cost of these items are pennies compared to the cost of the area damaged.  Flashing is an important item.  It is required by code, but we feel minimum code is not always sufficient.  The reasons it was missed are listed below.

  1. Lack of knowledge of the puzzle and how to put it together properly when installing a project.  In planning the stages they overlook this and when they get too far its too late.
  2. A desire to get the project done quickly and not correctly and they skip areas to move faster
  3. A complete lack of knowledge on how and where to install it.

Please make sure when you are being  consulted that you are being informed.  It usually starts with the field salesman that does not even know how to explain or where it goes.  It then follows up with a person planning the job that does not know and ends with an install crew that does not catch it or even try to catch it.

The term qualified on all levels at a company is a very looser term!!