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We also have access to many other manufacturers as well as styles to choose from.  Vinyl, wood and fiberglass are available. If you have a particular manufacturer you are leaning towards and do not see it listed, please give us a call.

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Chris and his crew replaced my roof and three windows due to hail damage. His crew, who clearly has worked together for a very long time, came in and replaced my roof in one day. They did a great job. Another of his crews came and replaced the windows. The communication was very good, they showed up on time and did a great job. They were very personable gentlemen. I would hire Leading Edge Renovation to do any of those jobs again for me.

– Denver Forestry

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of energy savings can I experience with a window project?

Based on several variables, a proper window system designed for Colorado, you can experience about a 30% drop in both gas and electric usage to keep you home the comfort temperature you desire. The variable being the window is 2016 energy star qualified and built with a tight tolerance lowering air infiltration.

What is air infiltration?

This is a measurement of air that moves through a window. This is not required to be stated on a Fenestration sticker on the window, but it is a huge part of the windows ability to keep your home comfortable.

What numbers are required on the window?

The Federal Government requires 3 numbers on each product. These are U-factor, Solar Heat Gain, and Visible Light Transmittance. These are all tested by a laboratory not affiliated with any window company, called the NFRC.

What is builder grade or contractor grade?

These are terms typically used for new construction. Its also a designation for product that can be self installed. The product is not custom made, they are generally on the shelf at your local lumber yard or warehouse. Typically these are not considered higher performing products, less engineering, reinforcement and technology in the product.

What is egress and why is it required?

Based on your jurisdiction, this code will be enforced differently. Building codes change and are updated every 4 years. For a long time they were very animate about a bedroom in the basement to have a certain size window, well, and ladder to escape if there was a fire. As the building codes have changed, this requirement has moved up to the main level and upstairs bedrooms. This code is designed not only for you to escape in a fire, its also for a fireman to get in the window with his air pack on to get you out if you are unconscious. There are specifics for each opening for width, height, square foot of the operation side of the window opening and height above the floor.

How important is the installation of the window?

This is 50% of the project. An installer with vast knowledge of construction details is very essential. If a great window is put in wrong it will be very drafty and miserable. Remodel side windows are custom built, a properly knowledgeable installer will build these windows tight to the home. This will increase performance, cosmetic look, and reduce maintenance.

When and why is a lead test required?

The Federal Government, through the EPA, has required any home built before 1978 to have a lead test. Any contractor hired to do a project is required to follow this requirement. If the test of the area that we will be working comes back lead hot, we must do an installation method that controls the dust and paint chips. The official build date of the home is on file with assessor’s office in your county. Even if it’s a new addition to the home, the date in the assessor’s office is the official date used for the test. There are fines levied to any contractor doing certain projects on your home that do not follow the guidelines for testing and containing lead when needed. The basis for this is the absorption of lead by the elderly and the young. 1978 is when the Federal Government outlawed lead nationwide.

Is a permit required?

This is going to vary based on your jurisdiction. Each city and county has its own rules to follow.

Will I need new sills with the windows?

Generally no, they are an option.

Do I need to remove my blinds and drapes for install?

Yes, we do not remove these as part of a standard project scope.

How much furniture do I need to move for install?

We ask for a 3’ work space by each window.