We also have access to many other manufacturers as well as styles to choose from.  Vinyl, steel, concrete, Diamond Kote, and engineered wood are available. If you have a particular manufacturer you are leaning towards and do not see it listed, please give us a call.

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We had Leading Edge replace siding on a rental property with new vinyl siding in late Dec – early January. Chris and his guys were so great to work with. Chris is very knowledgeable and reliable/responsive and communicates well. They also care about doing things the right way so they spent the time correcting flashing in several areas and replacing tyvek where needed before installing the siding. They had some challenging working conditions (weather and terrain) at our site and kept a good good attitude and never complained about the situation. When they were finished with the work, they cleaned up very well after removing their tools and equipment. Also, the final cost was the same as the estimate so no hidden costs once the work started. I would hire them again if needed and would highly recommend them to others!

– Dena L.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my original siding have to be removed for new siding?

As all variable change based on what product and look is chosen, this can change as well.  Removing the old siding is always an option no matter what product is chosen.  Understanding all the products, Leading Edge can give you advice on what the final look will be.

Is Re-sheeting required?

Generally NO, this can also change based on variables of product chosen and final look desired. New sheeting can also increase sheer strength in the walls for wind.

Is Vapor barrier required?

Yes, As of 2009 vapor barrier is required an all siding projects. Proper installation of vapor barrier is also as important as the siding.

What’s the most hail proof siding?

Mother Nature has a way of proving us wrong when we say hail proof, so we will categorize them as hail resistant. This is by size of hail stone needed to damage.

  1. Most resistant will be James Hardie Fiber Cement, Diamond Kote engineered wood, LP Smartside engineered wood
  2. Fairly Resistant will be solid core vinyl, some steel
  3. Least Resistant will be hollow core vinyl. It has a very exposed weak spot to be popped easily by hail.
Is my vinyl siding paintable

NO, NO and NO. There are paint manufacturers out there marketing a vinyl safe paint.  This is confusing to home owners.  If you buy this paint and just start painting your vinyl you will have a major failure in time.  The hot sides of your home, the west and south sides with fail first.  Vinyl siding is encapsulated, so to get it to perform with paint, you must vigorously sand every square inch of siding to remove the top seals on the siding, then you must apply a very expensive commercial primer.  The cost of doing this will be astronomical. 

Is a lead test required

Yes, The Federal Government, through the EPA, has required any home built before 1978 to have a lead test.  Any contractor hired to do a project is required to follow this requirement.  If the test of the area that we will be working comes back lead hot, we must do an installation method that controls the dust and paint chips.  The official build date of the home is on file with assessor’s office in your county.  Even if it’s a new addition to the home, the date in the assessor’s office is the official date used for the test.  There are fines levied to any contractor doing certain projects on your home that do not follow the guidelines for testing and containing lead when needed.  The basis for this is the absorption of lead by the elderly and the young.  1978 is when the Federal Government outlawed lead nationwide.

What do I need to move for installation

We required a 5 ft work zone around the house for ladders, scaffolding, etc. Removal of swamp coolers is also required.   We also ask that all pet droppings be removed as well.


There are many different levels of installers out in the trades. This is concerning as this area is just as important as the siding quality.  Attention to details, such as flashing, caulking, and final look are important.  Someone with a hammer and a crowbar can call themselves and installer, but that’s not the same as someone that looks at the home, and plans from the start to make the final look the best it can be.  This also means knowledge of framing and the entire puzzle on the home.  Putting this puzzle together correctly is key to a long lasting siding job.