Many companies and homeowners focus on the product.  Its warranty, its design, its performance.  These are all very important areas to look at, but one is missed.  Nobody focuses on the installation.  It is assumed it will be installed by qualified tradesman.  This is one of the most important aspects of the project.  One variable companies try to control is the labor for installation.  They do this several ways, they bid a job at a labor cost and try to find someone to do it, or they actually pull up to labor ready and load up guys and take them to jobs.  Not many actually focus on qualified and capable labor crews.  Then they hope for the best and deal with things as they come up.  We at Leading Edge Renovation have qualified installers.  If we look at a new crew, they are vetted to a very high level.  First most of them are referred by trusted friends.  Second their work is looked at.  We do not take install lightly, and this is something a homeowner should not take lightly either.  Someone who is qualified has done that trade for years, understands the ins and outs, and knows the detail areas.  This gets you the right product performing correctly and keeps the fit and finish at the best.  Don’t skimp on install.